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Animals Clipart

Posted January 23, 2017

Animals are living creatures (organisms) that surround the Earth since its creation. There are lots of types, groups and species of animals and each any every has its own function and peculiarities. Some of those run a wild life, others are kept in households, others can be found in the zoos, etc.

Dogs Clipart

Posted by Admin on 12/04/2014

Dogs were the first animals to be domesticated by man. It was of great importance to have it. The subtle sense of smell, sensitive ears, strong and quick feet, strong teeth, and a highly developed psyche, all these qualities have been inherited from the wild ancestors, which are wolves and jackals.

Birds Clipart

Posted January 23, 2017

In the course of its long lasting bird evolution they have adapted to life in a variety of conditions. It all resulted in its actual appearance; the structure of the beak, legs and other body parts is a tremendous diversity. Despite this bird brings together a number of common features that sharply distinguish them from other groups of vertebrates.

Crowns Clipart

Posted January 23, 2017

Crown is a headwear, a symbol of the state or sovereign power. Crowns are well known in the states of the ancient world (in Sumer, Akkad, ancient Egypt, etc.). At the beginning of the 4th century the custom of using the crown was borrowed by the Byzantine emperor Diocletian among the Persian kings.

Cartoon Dinosaur

Posted January 23, 2017

Dinosaurs (Latin Dinosauria) are extinct animals that make up the numerous class of reptiles that lived on Earth in the period from 225 to 65 million years ago (during the Mesozoic Era). Dinosaur superorder refers to a subclass of archosaurs and is divided into groups Saurischia (Saurischia) and ornithischian (Ornithischia).

Heart Design Pictures

Posted January 23, 2017

Heart is a powerful muscular organ that pumps blood through a cavity system (chambers) and the valves in the distribution system, called the circulatory system. But today we would like to talk about a meaning of heart; a heart as a symbol of love. We often say that we love a person, our parents.

Blue Flower Clipart

Posted January 23, 2017

Flower (plural flowers) is a complex system of seed reproduction organs of flowering (angiosperm) plants. Flower being a unique formation in nature and features diverse in structure detail, color and size. The smallest flowers are Lemnaceae plants of the flower family have a diameter of only about 1 mm, at the same time as the largest flower in Rafflesia Arnold (Rafflesia arnoldii) family rafflesiaceae, live in the tropical forests of Sumatra Island, reaches a diameter of 91 cm and a weight of about 11 kg.

Vector Smiley Face

Posted January 23, 2017

Smile, Smiley as emoticons, emohrama is a schematic representation of a human face that is used to express a feeling. This element springs out of the popular culture that emerged in the spread of the Internet to the general public. It may consist of different symbols, such as letters of the alphabet, punctuation and various symbol service.

Cartoons Of Fish

Posted January 23, 2017

Fish (Lat Pisces.) is a class (according to the traditional classification) or paraphyletic group (in modern cladistic classification) of the aquatic vertebrates. Extensive gnathostomatous group, which is characterized by gill breathing at all stages of post-embryonic development of an organism.

Images of a Boat

Posted January 23, 2017

Boat is a small ship. The Naval dictionary defines boat as a vessel of up to nine meters long, up to three meters wide and with 5 tons capacity. Usually boats are rowing boats, but there are also sailing boats, and small sports sailboats called yachts. The boat may be equipped with a motor (motor may be a secondary or primary energy source).

Airplane Cartoon

Posted January 23, 2017

An airplane is an aircraft based on the wings designed to fly; it is moving with the help of the power plant. Aircraft is operated by the pilot (or pilots), carrying a payload, i.e., cargo, passengers, weapons or special equipment, such as photographic equipment for aerial mapping.

Farm Cartoon Pictures

Posted January 23, 2017

A farm (from the Latin granica, 'granero') is a rural land in which agriculture or livestock farming is practiced, whether it is smaller or larger. A farm is an area of land, including the various structures, dedicated mainly to the production and management of food (production of vegetables, grains or livestock), fibers and, increasingly, fuel. It is the basis in food production.